Monday, 12 October 2015

World Football's Top 10 Bad Boys

We all love bad boys, isn't that right?

World football is loaded with overwhelming characters—men who never appear to be too far from the closing pages for all the wrong reasons.

Some have lost their control various times on the pitch, others various times off it.

This article will look to round up the 10 most surely understood terrible football bad boys and consider them responsible for their criminal acts against football.

(Gracious, and in case you're perusing this, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, kindly don't chase me down)

10. Mario Balotelli

Everybody knows Mario Balotelli is only a major, congested kid. Maybe we could excuse him his past wrongdoings?

The Italian striker has let off firecrackers in his washroom, tossed darts at youth-cooperative individuals, slammed another club's question and answer session, smashed a ladies' jail and occupied with an episode of fisticuffs with his supervisor.

To call him a puzzler would be putting it mildly—Balotelli is past requiring proficient help.

Some assume he has at last settled down at AC Milan. How about we simply keep a watch out....Read more

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